Transformation • Protection • Happiness

Transformation • Protection • Happiness

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The evil eye is a kind of "look" or "gaze", and are thought to bring bad luck to the person it targets because of jealousy or dislike. The evil eye is a talisman designed to protect you from these evil spirits.

Wearing the evil eye symbol is considered sufficient to protect yourself from the evil eye. This is usually done by wearing evil eye jewelry, which has become a huge fashion statement among believers and non-believers.

Usually, in jewelry, the evil eye is blue and white. However, different colors are used for other meanings. For example, orange can represent protection as well as happiness, motivation, creativity, and playfulness. The dark blue is for the protection of karma and destiny, while the light blue is for the general protection. Dark green represents happiness, red represents courage, brown represents the connection with nature, and yellow represents health. Gray represents prevention of sorrow, white represents focus, and pink represents friendship. 

Product details:

Item type: Bracelet

Color: Blue/Red

Dimensions: Dia. 0.375 in, Lgth 5-10 inches (10mm, 12.5-25 cm)

Weight: 70.00g ( 0.15 lbs)

The colors may vary slightly from stone to stone as we only use natural stones.