Positivity • Protection • Transformation

Transformation • Protection • Happiness


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Our Orgone Pendants are made by Orgonite Metals and Different Natural Crystals source from different part of the world. Powerful Vibrational Energy generates when Natural Chakra crystals react with Orgone Energy, bringing positivity throughout.

❉ Block EMF Radiation

❉ Improve Relationship

❉ Genuine Multi Tourmaline Crystals

❉ 100% Authentic Vibrative Stones

❉ Positive Energy Generator

❉ Lab Tested and Proven

❉ Made using Dr. Reich’s Technology 

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

If you are not satisfied with our products, we offer a free return service within your 30-day purchase.

To start your return service, please contact us at: support@orgoniteecho.com

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