Passion • Energizing • Determination

30 reviews
30 reviews

Passion • Energizing • Determination


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Natural crystals have absorbed countless mysterious energies in the changes of nature, and witnessed the process of the proliferation and decline of all things in the world. Many medical experts believe that often wearing natural crystals can change the body's own energy and magnetic field, and keep the enthusiasm and upwards. Mental state, improve physical and mental health. According to research, different crystals contain different trace elements, which will produce different effects.

Garnet is a powerful stone that facilitates the regeneration of energy. Noticeably beneficial for attracting love, success, and good business. It doesn’t restrict your ambitions. The crystal helps release inhibitions, doubts, and insecurities which can block healing. On the contrary, the energy emitted is warm and positive, encouraging healing and impelling you to function at 100% capacity. Garnet is said to enhance libido, restoring balance to the sex drive. It can be particularly helpful for a loving relationship, inspiring feelings of devotion, trust, and sincerity.   

Rose Quartz is commonly known as the heart stone. It allows direct communication with the heart chakra, stirring up that beautiful feeling of love. It helps facilitate healing in regards to past breakdowns in relationships, letting you release emotional baggage. 

Spiritual balance is essential for any direction you take in life. In particular, it helps with leadership. You can’t take the reins if you’re all over the place mentally. Aventurine brings balance to your mind, body and spirit, helping you organize your own mind and de-clutter it for optimal clarity. It’s a fantastic aid for decision-making, freeing you from any confusion and providing the confidence to follow your gut. 


Product details:

Bracelet type: Bead

Material: Rose Quartz,Aventurine,Garnet

Color: Multi-Color

Band type: Crystal line (premium elastic band)

Package includes: 1 x Bracelet


Bead size: 0.18 in (4.5 mm)   0.47 in (12 mm)

Bracelet length: 9.45 in (24 cm)

Weight: 0.62 oz (17.5 g)

5-Star Reviews: 4.8 / 5.0

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4.8 Based on 30 Reviews
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Good quality despite the cheap price! I haven't worn it extensively yet (as it's for when I dress up). It's a little hard to clasp around my wrist by myself...but my husband was happy to help.

Melinda C.
United States United States
Love it

This bracelet is very elegant. It matched the necklace I owned perfecty because of the same type of stone cut. It looks like a very high end gemstone bracelet, considering the minimal price it cost.

Jess K.
United States United States
Pretty and Delicate

The gems are uniform and really pretty. I get compliments all the time about pretty the bracelet is. The craftsmanship that holds the gems is strong. The links holding the gems together seem weak, but I'm tough on jewelry and I've had no problems.

Christa K.
United States United States
Beautiful bracelet!

I love the colour and the feel of this beautiful bracelet... looks exactly as photographs. I look forward to welcoming more energy and courage into my everyday life.

Jean W.
United States United States