The Snow Leopard Trust is a leader in efforts to secure the future of the snow leopard across 12 range countries in South and Central Asia.

Their Progress

The Snow Leopard Trust makes an effort to understand the snow leopard’s needs and ecology. They also engage communities for conservation.

Where They Work

Snow Leopard Trust works with governments and conservationists in all 12 countries where snow leopards are found. In several of these countries, we have on-ground conservation teams.

Conservation Programs

The Snow Leopard Trust encourages and empowers people who live in the cat's habitat to help protect their local wildlife and ecosystems.


The Snow Leopard Trust's research into this endangered cat informs effective conservation techniques to save it.

Environmental Education

The Snow Leopard Trust empowers children so that they can be actors of change and support snow leopard and wider environmental protection efforts.

Policy and Network

The Snow Leopard Trust works with governments, businesses and international organizations to implement effective conservation approaches.