Positivism • Emotional Healing • Love

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4 reviews

Positivism • Emotional Healing • Love

Rainbow ObsidianGolden Obsidian
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This Infidelity Protection Amulet carved from Rainbow & Golden Obsidian crystal is an amulet that attracts & maintains love, deters third party from seducing and snatching your spouse away.

9-tailed Fox, also called Kitsune, according to Chinese and Japanese tales and legends, is a fox-spirit that has mastered the magic of shape-shifting among others. They are also depicted as a beautiful women, and in some folklores, are depicted as faithful friends, lovers or wives. It is widely believed to be a strong amulet to attract love and marriage luck, besides being an amulet to protect from third party interference. It is also said to enhance one's attractiveness when worn for a period of time. Singles looking for a life partner or soulmate should carry or wear the Nine-tail Fox amulet.

Obsidian is a stone that does wonders forimproving self-image and enhancing self-esteem. For those with confidence issues, such as shame or shyness, Obsidian will induce personal development and allow you to overcome any obstacles in your way. Obsidian will also protect you from any negative forces, psychic attacks, or bad intentions. People who go traveling should carry this stone.

Product details:

Material: Obsidian

Pendant diameter: 1.25x1.75x0.5 in, Lgth 21 in (chain) (3x4.5x1.3 cm, 53 cm)

Weight: 40.00g ( 0.09 lbs)

The colors may vary slightly from stone to stone as we only use natural stones.

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Bought this for my niece, who love foxes. She hasn’t taken it off since it arrives!

United States United States
Absolutely beautiful and high quality

Just pure perfect gorgeousness! The sliding rope chain is adjustable and very well made, as well as pretty. The fox is carved beautifully! It is surprisingly thick and heavy, but not uncomfortable while wearing.

United States United States
Best Necklace to ground yourself with!!

Best Necklace to help me ground myself during a migraine! So cute too! I adore her so much!! It is like wearing your best friend around your neck! I will most certainly wear her when I get out of the hospital and this two month long migraine is gone and the house cleaning/decluttering beginns.

United States United States
Beautiful Fox Pendant/Necklace

Beautifully crafted. The color makes this necklace stand out. Given to a young grandchild to wear, signifying animal stewardship. I would wear this necklace/pendant myself, signifying the importance of protecting foxes. In fact, I will be ordering this item, again. Very pleased.

United States United States